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2face and Blackface beef gets a whole lot messy

Blackface and 2face

The bad blood between former Plantashun Boiz singers, 2face Idibia and Blackface has thickened to what some might describe as "bahd, baddo, baddest" in Falz voice. Here's the gist...

Sometime last month, Blackface called out 2face on Instagram, calling him a "lazy artist" and accusing him of stealing his song "African Queen" and "Let Somebody love You".

2face and his manager, Efe Omorege, reacting to Blackface's allegations, in a letter, asked him to apologise for all the dematory statements he has made against them over time or get sued within seven days of receiving the letter.

In the letter dated May 5th, 2face and his manager demanded for:

1. A general unreserved apology in writing for all the defamatory statements made made and/or published by you in the past;

2. Specific written apologies for all the defamatory statements by which by which you have accused our clients of (a) song theft (b) wishing you dead so as to take your property, (c) corruption (d) music royalties fraud and (e) career sabotage ; and

3. That you refarin from further making any false or defamatory statement about our clients.

The letter stated that if he fails to apologise publicly within 7 days of receiving their letter, they would seek legal redress.

Speaking exclusively to LIB, Blackface has vowed he'll never apologise to 2face.

"They sent me that letter some days ago asking me to apologise. Rastaman apologises to nobody man. Rasta will never apologise to them because they are filled with evil and fuckery so they should go to hell and anything they want to do they should do but I know that my lawyers should have served them already. What am I apologising for? Somebody takes your music and then you apologise? Is that for real? They are really playing with themselves and I think the manager is putting him in a whole lot of trouble. They know they are in a whole lot of trouble. They took a lawyer from Oshodi bridge to write something for them who does not even know how to weigh the case and know what to even write. Illiteracy is around them. They are crazy. They don't even know what they are doing" he said.

Continuing he said "The evidence is there that they sang my song and somebody else published it. It is my song and somebody else published it. I am not even talking about African woman right now. I am talking about Let Somebody Love you. That song shouldn't have been released without my permission because it is my song. The manager went to publish my song. I don't know what kind of pilfering they are doing because they are industry crooks. They are robbing the industry of a whole lot of things. That is what they are doing" he said.

Source: LIB


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