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P-Square fighting remix: Why the brothers fight continued


The renewed P-Square fight is currently one of the buzzing gist online and as expected, different comments and opinions have being flying around.

Today i read an article on Naijaloaded where the writer was like if P-Square breaks up and pursue solo careers for six months, they'll realise being an  upcoming artiste isn't easy and thus will get back together and possibly stay together.

This is what prompted me to write this article.

P-Square's fight started when they started getting married.

You'll find reports online on how one brother is allegedly not happy about the other's choice of wife.

Before they got married, everything they did was for the brotherhood.

They built just one mansion, they lived together, they had joint businesses.

But as soon as they got married, their focus changed from brotherhood to familyhood.

Each of them right now is concerned with his wife and kids. Forget the "blood is thicker than water" talk.

Take a cue from one half of P-Square, Paul Okoye's message where he said,

"Only a woman can come where there's peace and destroy it".

Sadly, that's true.

The Rothschild family, one of the wealthiest families in the world, comes to mind.

The Rothschild brothers somehow understood that bringing in "foreign women" into the family COULD create a loophole for division to creep in.

They didn't even bother taking chances, they simply got married to their first cousins and second cousins to avoid stories that touch.

In 2015, P-Square fought and broke up.

It took interventions from friends, fans and colleagues for them to make up.

They've started fighting again and throwing subtle shades at each other online.

The bitter truth is, the Okoye brothers will continue to have issues as long as they stay married and do business together.

They've started trying out solo careers already but are still holding on to P-Square as a back up plan.

It's about time they let go, for peace sake.


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