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A review of "Cool It Down" by Mr. P (Peter P-Square)

Peter Okoye

Yesterday, one half of the defunct P-Square group, Peter Okoye dropped his first solo single since recently parting with his brother, Paul Okoye.

The song is titled "Cool It Down".

With all the public fights and dramas surrounding the P-Square break up which most of us thought was impossible, i was eager to listen to it.

So quickly i downloaded the song,  plugged in my earpiece and ...

The song started with a sound which i can best describe as a car passing by. It was then followed by a heart beating sound, creating a perfect suspense.

However, the whole suspense thing didn't go down well with me. C'mon Mr. P shey make i beg you before you go sing ni? *smiling*

Finally the beat came on and he started singing.

I wasn't expecting a good song neither was i expecting a wack song. I just wanted to listen to the song, nothing more, nothing less.

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Just like the title, "Cool It Down", the song was cool, very smooth but i didn't like nor dislike it just yet. It was until towards the ending that i caught myself nodding to it.

I hit the previous button to repeat the song, the suspense thing came on again *frowns* he started singing and this time around i was nodding freely and even trying to sing along.

The lyrics and delivery of the song is typical P-Square style...

Peter Okoye aka Mr P

If you've heard old P-Square songs like "Temptation", "More Than A Friend" etc where they sang about a girl and then you listen to "Cool It Down" without knowing it was from a former member of the P-Square duo, you are likely to say the singer mirrored P-Square style.

But i can pardon that, since he has being singing with his brother as P-Square for over 10 years.

The song isn't one you fall in love with on first listen...

...However it's a song that is sure to find its way into your frequently played playlist when you've listened to it at most thrice.

Overall, Cool It Down is a good first solo release for Peter Okoye.

I think we can safely anticipate good music from him moving on.

I rate the song 7/10

What's your opinion on the song? Comment below.

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