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M.I Abaga is just trying to pull a Kendrick

M.I Abaga

Written by Kelechi Chinedo

M.I Abaga is undoubtedly one of the best rappers in Nigeria, if not the best. But if he wants his claim that he is better than 95% of rappers in America to hold any water, he has to stop biting off Current Rap Royalty, Kendrick Lamar.

M.I's latest joint is a droll over classic 808 beats that reminds us of what he can do. He can spit, that much is obvious, but what strikes you is the strangeness of the beat, at least to the average Nigerian hip hop follower. That beat has Kendrick Lamar's DAMN album all over it.

Listening to the "You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life" joint, you hear M.I lambasting rappers who haven't been keeping it real in his absence. M.I is sad. He wants raw, hot Hip-Hop, not for his proteges to go and start singing.

We do not need much to deduce that M.I is trying to raise the dust, spark of conversations and in essence get people anticipating his upcoming album, Yung DenzL, something Kendrick Lamar did back in 2012 on "Control".

But while Kendrick's fire and brimstone was to get rappers to become competitive again, M.I's was nothing more than box placing. By criticizing rappers who sing, M.I is showing his unappreciation for the versatility and uniqueness of Nigerian rap acts like Phyno and Olamide.

Who says an Artist cannot sing and rap? Must we define "realness" by the shortcomings of legendary American acts who only knew how to rap? Is Phyno's lyrical dexterity suddenly ''unreal'' because he decided to do a couple of high-life music?

M.I is getting it wrong here. He needs only to look at great rappers like Andre 3000 who are still regarded worldwide cause they rap and sing with equcal dexterity.

M.I is a great rapper, but he needs to get his acts together.


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