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How to make extra money online in Nigeria by teaching

Make money

[ This is a sponsored post ]

Imagine teaching people how to do things you enjoy doing and getting paid for it!

Wouldn't that be great?

If this sounds exciting to you, continue reading, i'm going to show you a way to add extra money into your bank account by teaching people almost anything you know.

Making money online in Nigeria is not so difficult. If you know, you know. It's all about having the right information, discovering opportunities and acting quickly.

Today, i'm going to share with you the simplest platform to make money online in Nigeria. It's simple and easy because all you need is to have at least one skill, either professional or vocational.

Edifysto is an online marketplace for Nigerians to sell their professional or vocational skills as tutorial to Nigerians who are looking to learn new skills.

You can offer to teach anything such as Maths, English, Language, Music production, Hairdressing, Baking, Software design, Computer programming and many more (you will find a comprehensive list of the available skill categories on their website).

For instance, if you're good at cooking Igbo soups, you can offer to teach people how to cook 3 different kinds of Igbo soups. You will then set your price, let's say N10,000. People who are interested in learning will apply for your tutorial class and you get paid. It's that simple.

As a tutor, you set the days, time and the location where the tutorials will be conducted. You also determine how much you want to charge for tutorials.

How do i sign up as a tutor?

Being a tutor on Edifysto is very easy. There is no registration fee. It's completely free.

Here are the 5 steps required:

1. Visit
2. Click on Tutor register and fill the form with accurate information then submit.
3. After submission, you will be presented with an online exam of 10 question. If you are unable to take the test immediately, there is a copy of it waiting in your mail so whenever you feel like taking the test, just click on the link on your mail and you will be redirected to the exam page.
4. After taking the test, your account will be approved and you will have access to your dashboard.
5. Within your dashboard, there is a verification platform where you can upload a valid ID card. Once done, you will have a "verified" icon on your tutor account page.

How do i withdraw my money?

You can withdraw your money directly to your bank account after 15 days of teaching a student.

Edifysto takes 30% of every subscription you get. If for instance, you charge N10,000 for your teaching per month, Edifysto will take N3,000 from each subscription on that training or teaching.

At the time of writing this, there are many people on the platform looking for skills to buy and few tutors available to teach.

Join Edifysto now before it becomes crowded.


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