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G-Worldwide is a petty record label just trying to ruin Kiss Daniel's career - David Awunor

Emperor Geezy and Kiss Daniel

It is totally understandable that G-Worldwide Entertainment would want to drag Kiss Daniel to court when he decided to leave the label. I mean, with the amount of money they were making off him, they would be a fool to just keep quiet and let him walk away.

But this whole "he should not perform with the stage name 'Kiss Daniel', G-Worldwide owns the name" bla bla bla is just petty and gibberish.

The G-Worldwide vs Kiss Daniel case reminds me of my childhood days, i don't know if you guys had similar experience. Back then, a friend who had willingly given you biscuit would ask you to refund his or her biscuit because you refused to include him or her in a game you are playing with your other friends.

For the sake of emphasis, in this case, G-Worldwide is the little mischievous friend who willingly gave Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe biscuit in form of the name "Kiss Daniel" and now wants it back.

Shocking reason why Kiss Daniel left G-Worldwide

The whole Kiss Daniel vs G-Worldwide brouhaha started last year when the singer decided to leave the record label to float his own record label, Flyboy Inc, alleging he was being cheated financially. This move was met with a resistant in form of a lawsuit from the label who claimed he was a lazy artiste who breached his contract with them.

Since then, Kiss Daniel and G-Worldwide have gone back and forth to accuse each other of wrong doings while I and other Nigerian music supporters kept quiet and watched from the sidelines until now when things began to take a funny twist.

We paid Kiss Daniel almost N120 million from royalties - G-Worldwide reveals shocking details in new statement

Last month, May 22, Daniel updated his name on social media from "Kiss Daniel" to "Kizz Daniel", announcing he has changed his stage name to Kizz Daniel. The reason for the name change is unconnected to G-Worldwide obtaining a restraining order stopping him from using the moniker "Kiss Daniel" which is their intellectual property.

But shockingly, yesterday, June 15, G-Worldwide released a new statement claiming they are also the owners of the name "Kizz Daniel".

"How come?", You are wondering right?

Here's what happened...

When Kiss Daniel announced the change of name, he merely changed his name to Kizz Daniel on his social media pages. He didn't register the name as his trademark with the Ministry of Trade and Investment.

G-Worldwide prove ownership of Kizz Daniel

What G-Worldwide did was they went and registered the name formally as their own trademark.

From the prove of ownership they released (pic above), we can see they registered the name on the 4th of June 2018, that's almost 2 weeks after Kiss Daniel announced the name change online.

So while Daniel originally formed "Kizz Daniel", G-Worldwide owns it legally because they registered it. So they actually have the legal right to order him not to perform with "their" name (which they stole from him).

Kiss Daniel nearly committed suicide due to frustrations from G-Worldwide - Singer's relative reveals

It's a cunning move. A very petty and childish move that now clearly shows G-Worldwide, contrary to their claims, are not interested in getting Kiss Daniel to honour the terms of his contract with them but are simply trying to punish him and ruin his career for daring to leave them.

Kiss Daniel and Emperor Geezy

While Emperor Geezy and his G-Worldwide Entertainment continues to pursue their witch-hunt on Kiss Daniel and neglect the budding careers of their other artistes, i want them to know that they can register all the alternative spellings of the word "Kiss" and "Daniel" but there's only one Kiss Daniel and we all in the music community know who that is.


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