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Introducing Edifysto, the learning platform for Nigerians

Edifysto is a fast growing online marketplace where Nigerians meet to buy and sell professional and vocational skills as tutorials.

On Edifysto, for a fee, you can learn almost anything. From vocational skills like hairdressing, tailoring to professional skills like graphic design, computer programming etc.

As a seller/tutor, you determine how much you want to charge for tutorials, set the days, time and the location where the tutorials will be conducted.

Behind this platform is a young Nigerian named Jude Bienichi. In this interview with, he gives an insight as to how the platform works.

Jude Bienichi

Please introduce yourself

My name is Jude Bienichi. I am the founder and CEO of Edifysto.

For the sake of those who haven't heard of Edifysto, please tell us what exactly it is?

Edifysto is a learning platform that allows you make use of whatever talent or skill you have to make earnings for yourself. This includes academic skills like Mathematics, English, Business management etc and even vocational skills like Make up, Art, Music and many more. It is easy, reliable and convenient as you have control over the prices for your training and how you want the lessons to be. This includes venue and time. Registration is completely free for tutors. Just follow the link below and register to be a tutor on Edifysto, then we connect you to users willing to learn your great skill.
» Sign up as a tutor on Edifysto

How did you come about the name "Edifysto"? What does it mean?

Edifysto stands for Edify Store. "Edify" means "to improve ones skill or learn a new skill" and "Store" means "a place where variety of things are sold". So Edifysto is a marketplace that connects people who have a skill or two, to those who want to learn such skills.

What hurdles did you face when setting up Edifysto?

Well i'd say i didn't face much challenge because i didnt rush it. I gradually started it and it was easy for me to retrace my mistakes.

What are some of the challenges of running such a platform in Nigeria?

The challenges are electricity and data.

Recently you launched the Edifysto Android app, tell us about the app.

The app was created to make it flexible for users to use our platform. Through the app, our users can have easy access to most of our features and connect faster to tutors.

How can people use the Edifysto app?

Our app is very easy to use. All you have to do is logon to the app, you would find lists of courses and tutors taking those courses. If you don't find your desired course upon opening up the app, you can do a quick search by typing a course you would like to learn and you will find a list of related courses. You can click on the course to read more about it and also know the tutor taking the course. Once you are satified with what you have, you can click on subscribe to directly subscribe to that course or you click on add to cart to add multiple courses together. Upon successful subscription, your tutor will be notified instantly. After each subscription expires, you can click on resubscribe if you wish to continue the course.

Where can the app be downloaded from?

Currently Edifysto can be downloaded from Google Playstore but we will be publishing on Apple App Store soon.

What do you hope to achieve with Edifysto?

My goals are making sure learning becomes easy and helping many people have a job doing.


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